When you join a Club, you’ll unlock a realm of rewards exclusive to members.
From promotions that can be used in our venues to offers from local partners, Club members always get best. Plus, our perks extend further than our pubs, because you'll even
have access to rewards that can be redeemed at home, powered by our friends at Bupp.

Here’s what you get:

500 points welcome bonus the day after you sign up
5 Club Points for every £1 you spend
(5% back)
Exclusive member perks
(such as 100 points for a pint of Heineken!)
10% off for Students and Key Workers *
Swap your points for special offers and vouchers
Skip the queue and order from your table
Surprise & delights throughout the year

Take your points further

Like what you see? Sign up for free to Bupp to get access to even more perks and get 100 points as a welcome bonus. You’ll also be able to move Club Points to Bupp through your Club page.

Access all areas

You don’t need to be in a Club Points venue to sign up or access a Club. Just tap the below to visit a Club or access it through the ‘Our Clubs’ link at the top of the page. Make sure to check your Club regularly and explore the new perks and promotions available.